How to paint the kitchen in 8 steps

How to paint the kitchen in 8 steps

Read the guide of painting the kitchen in your home in a few steps, explained in a clear and complete way. If you don’t like DIY, Gikas Montclair Painting & Contracting have the best professionals near you in New Jersey to paint the kitchen. Feel free to contact Gikas Contracting now!

Here’s how to paint the kitchen step by step

Choose colors for the kitchen walls

The first doubt of all is how to paint the kitchen, that is: what colors to choose for the walls. The options are endless. You can make an assessment yourself, based on these elements: kitchen style, size, brightness, materials of the furniture.

Whether you want a modern or classic kitchen, the choices boil down to two possibilities: white or colored kitchen. Painting the kitchen walls in white or neutral colors (beige, cream, ivory) gives a sober look, suitable for any line of furniture.

Choosing colored walls or making a two-tone kitchen can be a more creative choice. The most sought-after shades of the moment are dove gray, black, blue or light blue, brown, hazelnut, gray, yellow.

Choose the type of kitchen paint

In addition to the color of the walls, you also need to consider the type of paint for the kitchen. To decide how to paint your kitchen and which color to use, you need to know your tastes and needs.

The project must be clear: what aesthetic result you want to achieve and what type of wall paint you need. How to find the solution? You have to understand if your kitchen has particular characteristics. For example, do you have problems with humidity, mold, infiltrations? Or is the kitchen small and dim? Are there any children in the house?

Get advice on the most suitable type of kitchen paint among:

  • breathable water-based paint
  • washable and super washable water-based paint
  • mural enamel
  • tempera
  • acrylic paint
  • ecological painting

If you prefer movement effects to a uniform color, you could think of alternative painting techniques, for example sponging, scratching, glazing, cenciatura, two-tone contrasting walls. Carefully study the starting conditions of the walls. If they are very damaged, there will be a need for targeted interventions and therefore specific products.

Buy materials

Once you have prepared the plan on how to paint the kitchen and the steps to take, you are ready to buy the products.

Here’s what you need:

  1. Materials to prepare the base: for example, putty to close holes and scratches, smoothing compound, fixative, sander.
  2. Primer: to be applied before the paint, if needed.
  3. Painting: paint cans for whitewashing the kitchen in the required quantity.
  4. Roller, brushes, and specific tools: to spread a uniform color, just the roller and a brush for touch-ups; in the case of particular effects, suitable equipment will be needed which varies from case to case.

In reality, you will need many other things, from masking tape to sheets to protect the other surfaces in the room, a tall solid staircase, clean sponges, and so on. Before starting work, make sure you have bought the necessary. We recommend that you prepare a list and take it with you when you go to the specialty store.

Prepare the room for painting

Clear the kitchen of furniture and objects: it is always better to work in a completely empty room. Remove doors, handles, switch and socket plates, light fixtures, radiators, and so on. Disassemble the kitchen furniture and remove the appliances.

If you want to paint the furniture or kitchen doors, leave the furniture where it is, but protect the parts that don’t need to be painted. Cover the floor with a tarp or newspaper and secure everything with paper tape. Use the same masking tape to protect baseboards and items that can’t be removed. Finally, dust the walls to get rid of the dust before moving on.

Prepare the walls for painting

The rule on how to paint the kitchen and any room says that you have to prepare the background (the walls) like this:

  • brush and wash the walls
  • fill the holes with putty or foam
  • skim the wall to smooth the surface.
  • If the condition of the wall is critical, it would be best to consult an experienced professional. You may need to clean up a water leak or remove mold. You may need heat or insulation treatment.

Paint the kitchen

To prepare the kitchen paint, follow the instructions in the jar. Take the roller or brush and start applying the first coat of paint. If you want to use a primer, apply it before painting.

The basic indications on how to paint the kitchen  are these:

  1. painting the ceiling first
  2. then paint the walls in a top-down motion
  3. paint after the bottom of the wall
  4. finally, move on to the corners and finish using the brush
  5. make several passes to reach the desired color and intensity.

Do the finishing touches and perfect the job

To finish the job in a precise way, dedicate yourself to the details, such as: eliminating smudges, insisting in the corners, removing paint splatters.

Wait for drying and tidy up

The drying times of the paint are indicated on the packaging of the products you use. It may take a few hours or a full day. As soon as everything is dry, remove the protections (sheets, paper tape, etc.), clean the room and place the kitchen furniture. This, in principle, is what you need to know about how to paint the kitchen in a simple way.

But if your project is more complex or you aspire to a professional job, you can find a reputable professional in our company Gikas Montclair painting & contracting. We treat every project uniquely, with respect to your wishes and absolute consistency in the budget and delivery time.

We can guarantee success and a top-notch result. Important factors for this are our flexibility and reliability that has been gained by implementing many projects in different fields.

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Xiaomi Mi10T Pro: one of the most value for money smartphones

Xiaomi Mi10T Pro: one of the most value for money smartphones

For several days we had the Xiaomi Mi10T Pro in our hands – θήκες κινητών -, which we used for several of them as our main device. Τhe company offers very strong proposals at lower prices. One of them is the Mi10T Pro, which comes with very powerful hardware, both in processors and cameras.


The Xiaomi Mi10T Pro impresses from the first moment we open the box. This is a really beautiful phone, made of glass and aluminum. In general, the construction is overflowing with luxury and the sure thing is that the owner will have the feeling that they bought something really good.

The device we had in our hands came in silver which emphasizes the lines of the device very nicely and makes it really very impressive. The back is very shiny, as a result of which it easily collects marks from our fingerprints, but in the package we will find a high quality case, which also offers a change in the design of the device.

In the back we will find the cameras that protrude from the body, without being particularly annoying, while with the case they come to the same level. On the front we have several small bezels, while the 6.67 inch screen covers most of the front, offering a very even result aesthetically.

We will not find iP68 certification in the device, but we have the necessary rubbers on the SIM ports, for a basic insulation from moisture. Besides, we did not have this requirement in the price of the device. Somewhere the company took care to keep, it is the headset that also works as a speaker, offering stereo sound.


Xiaomi made a strange choice for the device, choosing the LCD screen, which is at 144Hz, for those who want something more in the field of gaming. This company option offers tremendous responsiveness to what we do on the device, while the difference is noticeable even if you are coming from a 90Hz screen.

But, Xiaomi did not stay only in the refresh rate, since we also have a very good result in the color fidelity of the screen. In fact, the user has the ability to configure the screen based on their own preferences or even set the color fidelity based on sRGB.

On the plus side, of course, is the support for HDR 10 content, something that is not common on LCD panels. This is because the screen has a high enough brightness to support this model, while also making it very comfortable to look at even in the sun. In conclusion, let’s say that the viewing angles are the best we can have from an IPS LCD Panel, so we will not have the slightest problem, even from extreme angles.


In terms of sound, the device is really impressive. We have a speaker at the bottom while the handset also works as a speaker, but with a slightly lower volume. This gives us the feeling of stereo sound. Specifically, the Xiaomi Mi10T Pro offers good volume, with deep bass and clear highs. The medium ones fill the sound nicely and the overall result is very good for a device of this money, while competing comfortably and more expensive devices.


In the part of the photo the device comes equipped with three cameras on the back. But one is the one that stands out, since it is the same 108MP camera that we find in the more expensive Xiaomi Mi10 Pro. So we will find the huge sensor, with size 1 / 1.33 ″, while in front of it we will find a f1 / 7 aperture lens with OIS.

In terms of performance, the Xiaomi Mi10T Pro from the main sensor can take quite impressive photos in good lighting conditions. The camera application makes use of the pixel binning technique, factoring photos at 27MP, with much lower noise and high levels of detail. The main camera goes extremely well in terms of dynamic range, with the photos produced having a good balance even in cases with very high contrast in lighting. The photos also have very realistic colors, without exaggeration to be more vivid than in reality.

In the basic 108MP camera we will also find the night mode to have better performance in low light. With this function we get low noise shots, well lit and quite realistic. So the Mi10T Pro does particularly well in low light, especially for a device of this price.

The second camera has a wide-angle f / 2.4 aperture lens, while the sensor is at 13MP, which is satisfactory for this type of lens that requires enough resolution to adequately capture all the information of such a large shot.

The third camera is with a macrο lens for focusing very close to our subject, while what makes it stand out is that we have autofocus, while the 5MP sensor is clearly better than what the competition offers us. Due to autofocus you will be able to choose the distance from the subject and not the fixed lens that has most of the competition.

In the part of the video we can shoot in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second, with very good quality and good dynamic range, but we would like a little better stabilization in the video.


In terms of performance, the Xiaomi Mi10T Pro comes with flagship hardware, since inside we will find the Snapdragon 865. This of course was expected, as it needs a strong GPU to be able to support the 144Hz of the screen.

The Snapdragon 865 is now a well-known chip and is characterized by strong performance and very low power consumption, while keeping temperatures at very low levels. Literally the Snapdragon 865 can run any application even if we throw it, with features comfort. Everything runs fast on the device and the 144Hz of the screen makes sure to show you how fast.


In terms of autonomy, we have a 5000mAh battery that on paper seems particularly powerful. In practice we saw the day end with 15-30% battery, while charging is quite fast, fully charging the huge battery in about 80 minutes, through the 27W charger that you will find in the package.


The Xiaomi Mi10T Pro is definitely a pleasant surprise at a time when flagships come with prices over € 1000. The device is literally excellent in everything for this money, while it easily puts them with more expensive devices.

We have a very high quality construction of glass and aluminum, while the screen is very good, although IPS LCD and you will not mind the lack of AMOLED at all. The only sure thing is that it is one of the most value for money smartphones on the market.

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Do you have water leakage in your home?

Do you have water leakage in your home?

Water leakage is one of the most common problems that every home faces at some point according to Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου. Leaks can occur in water supply, sewerage and heating networks. If detected late, they are more difficult and expensive to repair. Unfortunately, plumbing fixtures and fittings are not designed to last forever. Therefore, you should always keep in mind the possibility of a water leak in the plumbing of your home.

Obvious water leaks

Obvious water leaks are the easy ones. They are detected almost immediately and therefore can be repaired immediately. This type of leak is a faucet that drips from the nozzle or hot and cold water switches. A cistern that runs constantly is a sign. A toilet bowl that displays water around its base and a visible washing machine connection pipe also is a sign of water leakage

If you come across such an image, you should contact a qualified plumber. He has the knowledge and experience to repair the leak. It can also check for any other problems that may be related to this initial leak that you have not detected. These are nothing but hidden water leaks.

Hidden water leaks

Hidden water leaks are one of the most important problems a home can face over time. Hidden leaks, if not detected in time, can cause serious damage to your home. The cost of restoration will be high, but also the disruption in your space due to the repair work.

How to check if there is a hidden water leak in your home

It can take weeks, even months, to detect a hidden water leak. This is because the network of plumbing (water supply, sewerage, heating) is extensive. They are the pipes that work in all areas of a house, inside walls or under floors. To detect and repair a hidden leak obviously you need to call Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου.

However, there are some signs that you need to be aware of, especially if you live in a house that is quite old, twenty years old or more, which point to hidden water leaks. An increased water bill, without changes in the use you make, should motivate you. You can turn off all water supplies (indoor and outdoor taps, laundry facilities, etc.). Make a note of the meter reading and check it again after three hours. If the display has changed, unfortunately you have a leak.

Common causes of water leakage


Leaks often occur in the bathtubs or showers or in the toilet bowl. Also, gutters on exterior walls and clogged pipes on balconies and terraces are often responsible for damage to your home. Also, if your home is thirty years old or more, dangerous leaks can occur in the main sewer network, because it is made of clay pipes in which cracks are created. In such a case, you must act immediately, as it can damage the structural elements of your home or even the foundation.

And in these cases, the use of the thermal camera proves to be a saving solution, because it accurately locates the points where there is water and the plumber intervenes in them. If the problem is widespread, a complete overhaul of the sewer system may be required.

Water supply network

The old water supply networks were made of iron pipes. They can corrode after years and are often responsible for leaks that cause serious damage. With the thermal camera the exact point of the leak can be located and repaired locally, without much digging and rubble.

Heating network

Iron pipes of radiators with time and hot water can oxidize, corrode and leak. If the network is inside a wall or floor, a leak can cause serious damage to the structural elements of your home. The most economical and best solution for leak detection and repair is again the thermal imager.

Obviously any case of leakage must be treated, but, because prevention is the best treatment, with a regular check of the networks by Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου or by using a thermal camera for the hidden, you will be able to sleep peacefully!

Diagnosis with the help of a thermal camera

An experienced technician, with the help of modern tools, such as a thermal imager, can pinpoint the location of a leak. He will do it without having to dig the floors or walls. The thermal imager, which detects the infrared radiation emitted by the bodies, photographs walls and floors and displays in blue the places where there is exactly the water leak. The remaining spots appear colored from yellow to reddish. The thermal camera, in addition to being a unique tool for the plumber, relieves you of unnecessary expenses and digging to repair the damage. Call Αντωνίου Αποφράξεις and the water leakage will disappear.

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9 Tips for clean restaurant pipes

9 Tips for clean restaurant pipes

9 Tips for clean restaurant pipes

Before cleaning and maintaining pipes – υδραυλικές εργασίες – for your restaurant, it is important to understand why it is necessary. Commercial and industrial kitchens are very busy. When many people use the same space at the same time in preparing food, it can be difficult to keep up with everything that runs under your pipes.

Often, restaurant drains are clogged with fats and food. Fat is an awful lot when it comes to clogging restaurant pipes. This is especially true if the pipes have been neglected for a long time because grease can solidify in the pipes making it extremely difficult to clean. This results in clogging and the need for occlusion. The constant dumping of leftovers can cause hygiene problems that can endanger your restaurant.

1. Sewer maintenance

By occasionally cleaning your restaurant pipes, you can avoid clogging or overflow due to leaks. For excellent avoidance, you should clean the pipes of your restaurant four times a year with a reliable workshop.

Most sewer maintenance services involve sewer cleaning using a pipe snake, followed by a disinfectant action as a cleaning guarantee. In any case, if your restaurant uses an unusually high level of oil or fat that will generally cause clogging problems, at this point your intermittent support should integrate the flow of water into the pipes, the high pressure cleaning technique, to dissolve the masses of oil and discard them.

2. Take individual action

Despite hiring an obstruction and disinfection specialist for quarterly restaurant piping cleaning maintenance, there are things you and your employees can do to avoid unpleasant problems and build up outbreaks.

Pay attention to the following:

  • Check all piping with a camera to avoid unnecessary obstructions from sticky materials
  • Proper use in washing food and plumbing
  • Avoid using harsh synthetic compounds for cleaning, as they can damage your pipes
  • Choose a specialized plumber team for the support needs of your restaurant

3. Make sure your employees follow the cleaning rules

If you serve sauces in your restaurant, washing dishes can be every employee’s nightmare. All things being equal, washing these dishes is a necessity, but also an opportunity to clean them before they are washed to avoid spilling waste into the siphon. Residues that fall from dirty dishes can accumulate over time and clog your pipes.

You may need to remind yourself the right way regularly. You can not constantly monitor your employees and some of them will disrupt the instructions when you are not in front.

4. Put food waste in the trash

Food debris can be more dangerous than dirty water rinsing off dishes. They are larger, so they can clog your pipes. Fortunately, you can get rid of this problem by adding one more step to the cleaning process.

Throw food scraps in the trash before washing dishes. Whether the pieces are too small, your employees should do it. Do you need another incentive to do so? Collect them in special bags and leave them in places where there are stray animals. Feed them and help your drainage at the same time!

5. Oils and fats in a special container

Why do we cook with fat and oil? In addition to being delicious, we sometimes use them to give structure. When working with some bread designs, the use of cold margarine is a must. Unfortunately, our delicious dishes that contain fats and oils when it comes time to clean them, end up in our sewer. At the point where these oils and fats reach room temperature or cool and stick to the walls of the pipes.

What is the reason you should never throw grease or oil in your sewer? What is the most ideal approach to managing them? First, let them cool. After they have cooled enough, move them to a large container and when it is full, call an authorized oil collection workshop to replace it with an empty one.

6. Use something absorbent to wipe grease, oil

Sauces, meats, sautéed vegetables and a few different foods can leave a greasy layer on your dishes. It is not as harmless as we think. It can also cause problems after a while, blocking our piping. Especially in restaurants where many dishes are used daily.

You can prevent this from happening by using something spongy to wipe off grease and oil from the dishes. Napkins are a decent alternative.

7. You can not protect your piping from all the oil

You have to accept that you rinse a little oil every time you wash a dish. The solution here is to run hot water after each use. This high temperature water will melt the grease and oil that you have rinsed in your sink.

8. Pour a cup of vinegar into the drain

Vinegar is an amazing, cost-effective cleaning product. This is also a standard fix used in some dishes, so you probably already have a pot or two in your restaurant kitchen.

Start by pouring a cup of vinegar into the siphon if you notice the water draining with difficulty. Let it sit for a while and then pour hot water. The corrosive agent in the vinegar will flush out the oil that is starting to clog your drain pipe. Just realize that vinegar is definitely not a business solution. The blockage will not stop forever.

9. Clean the oil trap regularly

In the event that your business kitchen is required to have an oil trap, be sure to clean it regularly. However, oil trapping is not the same as maintaining an oil trap. You need to maintain your oil trap effectively. Having an ineffective oil trap will not help you out of trouble.

Advantages of regular sewer maintenance

By routinely clogging your restaurant pipes, you will be constantly aware of their condition, allowing you to anticipate corrections or other issues before they cause more serious problems. Most maintenance programs can be designed by you according to the needs of your business.

Be sure to maintain a maintenance and disinfection strategy outside of working hours. A proper plumber will make a valiant effort to fit into the lively calendar of your restaurant to guarantee the ideal customer service.

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What is gated content and how can it support your business?

What is gated content and how can it support your business?

What is gated content and how can it support your business?

Blog posts, newsletter, corporate podcast – sharing knowledge for free is trendy. Almost every marketer, copywriter or brand manager will confirm this. What if this quality content doesn’t have to be given away absolutely free? How to make content marketing more effective?

Dear Marketer. You probably hear shouts of “Content is king” everywhere. You write a blog, create newsletters, polish every word in social media posts. Wherever you can, you share your knowledge.

It even turns out that this knowledge generates traffic to the website and actually someone is reading it. It’s just that the adventure with your brand ends there – nobody buys anything from you.

After a few months of active activities, your boss comes to you and asks “what does he get from doing all these things”. More views? It’s not enough. Your content is great and widely read, but readers take what they can and disappear without a trace. More customers or at least specific contacts to decision-makers – that’s something.

How to generate additional value for your company and more effectively “warm up” leads thanks to content marketing, so as not to give away all your work for free?

Gated content comes to the rescue.

What is gated content?

According to Paramarketing, gated content is unique, exclusive content marketing materials that you provide to the user in return for performing a specific activity, e.g. filling in the appropriate form or subscribing to the newsletter.

This is a kind of sale – after all, someone gives you their data in exchange for a specific value. Gated content will work well in both B2C and B2B systems.

Gated content responds to the needs of customers from the very top of the engagement pyramid. For those who no longer want to be passive readers, but let themselves be caught in your content marketing whirl to learn as much as possible about your industry, company and offered solutions.

It can also be a tool to reach those interested who are only at the beginning of the AIDA model, ie at the “Attention” level. They don’t know yet if they need your products at all, but they may be educating themselves at the moment.

AIDA model

Gated content includes e-books, white papers (guides, instructions and tutorials), unique webinars and podcasts, e-mailing courses or free demo versions of your products. Of course, it is only about those materials that are not related to sales, but above all, developing and valuable for your customers.

What is gated content for?

Building the image of an expert

Have you written an e-book on a given topic? This means that you are a professional and specialist in your profession. In addition, you give your customer something valuable “for free” (although you already know that it is not completely free – after all, you got a valuable e-mail address), so he will be more likely to make a purchase from you.

Acquiring leads

Gated content can be the first point of contact with the brand – e.g. for a fishing shop thanks to a well-targeted ad on Facebook, which will send new users from social media to a landing page, where, in return for entering an email in the form, you will be able to receive an e-mail a book with a list of the best lures for specific species of fish.

Heating leads

A larger mailing database is your investment for the future. You can further educate and refer people who are not yet convinced to buy to your website. After all, 78% of consumers trust and choose the companies where content marketing is best done.

Thanks to marketing automation systems that are well suited to your business, you can personalize messages and engage potential customers in clickbait customer experience activities: surveys, games, free product tests, etc.

More sales based on the principle of consistency

As a customer, you have already given someone your e-mail address and downloaded their e-book or podcast, so you consistently want to continue working with this company. This is what we think when we are at the client’s place.

You will probably say, “You don’t have it.” Nevertheless, we statistically order more in a restaurant and leave larger tips when we get a starter for free. We choose this yoghurt or cosmetic in the store, the sample of which we will receive for free. It’s just psychology and statistics.

Content marketing content analysis

Gated content immediately gives you an answer to the question of whether what you wrote is really useful to someone and whether as a copywriter and content marketer, “you’re doing a good job”. If it turns out that nobody wants to download your exclusive content, there is a mistake somewhere. Badly selected target group? Badly defined project goal?

Gated content: what should it be?

Unique – nowhere else can you gain comprehensive knowledge about a given issue in exactly the same form.

Objectively useful – for anyone to download your gated content, it must realistically respond to their needs and be a useful tool or compendium of knowledge on a given topic.

Visually attractive – text composition, graphic design and forms of conveying content in gated content materials should be the absolute top of the top possibilities of your company: if you should do something the most, this is exactly what.

Gated content: examples

Gated Content ebook example

The first example from our backyard. E-book on positioning of online stores, written and designed by our SEO experts. In exchange for comprehensive knowledge about positioning in e-commerce, we obtain a verified email to a potential customer (you must enter it in a special form to get a link to download the e-book), who may be interested in SEO services for online stores in the future. Goal: acquiring direct contacts with customers in order to build more lasting relationships with them, educate them and potential sales.

Gated content example

A similar strategy is used by GroMar, which creates e-learning platforms for companies. In return for filling out the form and subscribing to the newsletter, you can receive an e-book on e-learning entitled The “Big Book of E-learning”. Goal: increasing the newsletter database, and finally additional e-mail addresses for presenting the company’s products.

Gated content example

The Freshmail knowledge base, created in the gated content formula, is really impressive. A dozen or so valuable materials for marketers on building a mailing database or trends in e-mail marketing, and subsequent editions of the marketer’s calendar, which help in planning social media publications and newsletters of your brand.

The most popular marketer mistakes

Gated content is NOT catalogs, sales materials and product presentations – it should all be available for free, in a few clicks, on your website.

Gated content is NOT the end of your work – plan exactly what will happen after downloading your e-book. The mailing cycle? Direct contact of a new business manager? If nothing else happens, all the action will be in vain.

Gated content is NOT the time for huge consumer research – shorten the form to a minimum, the completion of which will give the user access to special materials and adapt it to the capabilities of #mobile_first mobile devices.

Gated content – is it worth doing?

Definitely yes. Lead generation, better branding and more sales opportunities are just some of the advantages of gated content. To sum up: “content really is king”, but only the one that is thought out and presented to the readers in such a form as to “get” the most measurable benefits for your company. Already 80% of B2B marketing material is gated, so don’t give it all away for free.

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Tips for a successful 1st date

Tips for a successful 1st date

tips-for-a-successful-1st-date/ ‎

Tips for a successful 1st date

The truth is that more articles have been written about dating and about what a man should do and what not to doon a first date. But whether there will be a second date is not only in your hand. You have to impress him pleasantly so that he suggests you go out again.

Did I stress you out now? You do not need any stress. Read the following tips and you will be more than ready for your big night.

Place of date

It would be good for the first date to go somewhere with relaxed music in order to get to know each other. Also, try to avoid places where you know your colleagues, relatives, or even worse, your boss frequent. Choose a crowded place so you both feel comfortable and avoid dark alleys because you will probably scare each other off.

Of course telling him to go for coffee is a bit more teenage way. Besides, he can go for coffee with his friends and associates. Suggest him to go for a wine or even better to a restaurant, for example the new one that has opened and you have not yet had time to visit. So you will have one more topic to comment on.

Food and drinks

When we say just a glass of wine we mean one, especially if you can not stand it. Maybe two at most, I do not negotiate for more than these. No man likes his partner to be drunk. Especially if they are out for the first time. If you are a fan of foreign cuisines, it does not mean that your date will be too. So do not insist if you see them hesitant if you suggest going for Chinese. They may not want to try or he may just not like it.

The cinema trap

Most women say that cinema is an idea for the first date. Maybe because we have been influenced by romantic movies. But cinema is a big trap. First of all, because there is no movie that both men and women like. After all, men are not particularly crazy about romance, no matter how good reviews you may have heard.

Furthermore, in the cinema you will not be able to talk and get to know each other! So avoid the cinema idea for a first date and maybe move it towards the fourth or fifth date when  you will know each other better-ish.

Never say you are tired

You might really  be running errands all day to catch them all. You may have just finished work and wanted to sit at home to really relax for a long time. But you do not have to talk about it over and over again how tired you are. In the end he can take it personally, that he also tired you. It is better to cancel or reschedule if you are feeling that tired!

We hope that our tips about your 1st date being successful helped you get a general idea of the dos and dont’s of the first date. Make sure to be prepared and always get their information before you go out!


What are keywords in SEO?

What are keywords in SEO?

what-are-keywords-in-seo/ ‎

What are keywords in SEO?

Keywords are the search terms that determine what the content of a page or article from your website will be. On the SEO side, they are the words and phrases that your potential customers or website visitors put in the search engines. search queries, also called “search queries”. Keywords are characterized by the content, the text of your website, the images, the texts, the videos that you have.

If you are a webmaster using SEO, the keywords on your page should be relevant to what users are looking for. The more relevant it is to what your prospect wants, the more likely they are to find your content in search engine results (SERPs).

Why are keywords so important?

Keywords are very important because they are the link between what people are looking for and the content you have created to meet this search need. The next question now is what is your goal with the right use of the right keywords?

Your goal in search engine rankings is to bring as much organic traffic to your website as possible from the search engine results pages (SERP). The keywords you choose to target (they are exactly the ones you choose to include in your content) will determine how much traffic you get to your website.

If you own a clothing store, for example, an interesting keyword might be some of the item categories, such as women’s dresses, evening dresses, etc. Keywords are just as important to your world, your target market, and your content, because you need to identify the keywords you will use in your content with those that the end user is looking for.

What are key-phrases?

Keywords can be very vague and enclose very general concepts and these are called general keywords or key-phrases or they can be a more specific combination of many terms and contain more than one word. These keywords are called keyword phrases or in the official English term long tail keywords.

Keywords that consist of a single term or a keyword are usually your ultimate goal (in getting them to the search engines), because they often have a temptingly high search volume. However, most of the time they have extremely tough competition and it is quite difficult as well as impossible to get on the first page and extremely rare to get in the first places of the search engines.

For example, if you have a car rental company, you may want to go out for the keyword “car rental”, but you will probably find them obscure because very big names have already taken the top positions.

Beware of “cannibalism” of keywords

“Cannibalism” of keywords and the corresponding landing pages is an issue that will create a particular problem for you in the ranking of your website in the search engines.

Especially when you are in the beginning and you have not organized the keywords properly, you tend to write articles just for the sake of writing, either because you are in a hurry to create content or because you are eager to come up with the keyword in the first places. of search engines.

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Why people cheat while others do not?

Why people cheat while others do not?


Why people cheat while others do not?

Is it a matter of moral values? Respect for ourselves and our partner? Maturity, experiences, genes perhaps? Golden diamond escorts tell us what their opinion is…

After all, how coincidental is the fact that some people are not faithful to their partner, as opposed to those who claim to be monogamous but really mean it? Can we predict that someone is more prone to cheating than someone else?

According to escorts in Greece, this is possible. Those who have the “germ” of cheating, then, are people with worthwhile sexual experience, which is confirmed by both the number of sexual partners and the number of relationships / separations they have experienced.

They are also people who have increased opportunities to believe, because they feel that they can e.g. due to habits or work to meet secretly with the illegal person.

At the same time as characters they are possessed by stress either due to character – for example they have low self-esteem – or due to circumstances.

The last category includes people who are going through a stressful period at work or at home. Age works – supposedly – inversely depending on the ease with which one cheats, that is, the older you get the harder it is to do it.

Finally, genetic and hormonal factors also contribute. It is no coincidence that most fouls occur in the summer, when hormones weigh in on the “reds”.

Who cheats the most?

Are men or women the most unfaithful creatures? No one can answer with certainty, according to scientists, and this is because “since the frustration caused by infidelity is so great, many are reluctant to answer honestly to the relevant research because they feel ashamed.

This taboo is mainly found in women, who are more likely to lie “, explains the head of the research, Professor of Psychology Dimitris Kazakos, adding that the percentage is probably 50/50.

Micro-cheating: Is it possible to cheat on your girlfriend without realizing it?

What is micro-cheating and how can it throw titles in your relationship where you do not expect it.

“Am I unfaithful?” Once you get to the point of asking yourself this particular question. You know something we do not know, better that she does not know. Your girl, your love, your wreath in case you have climbed the steps of the church.

On the other hand, you only have sex with her. No other woman has been found in your bed. But what happens and you sometimes feel remorse and guilt as if you are cheating on her, when in fact you are not doing anything wrong. Or at least, that’s how you want to believe.

What is micro-cheating?

According to Athens call girls, “Micro-cheating is a series of small acts that show that someone is showing emotional or physical interest in someone other than their partner.” She gives some interesting examples to illustrate what she just explained to you:

  • When you take care of yourself because you want to look your best, not for your partner, but to impress someone else.
  • When you save a contact on your mobile with a fake name.
  • When you tell some lies about the stage of your relationship with your partner.

How will you understand that you are doing it

Athens escorts advise you to pay attention to the signs: “Some signs of micro-cheating are the messages you exchange on mobile or social media with other people. This shows that you are flirting, which is Ok.

But if you feel the need to have something to hide from your partner, then you should probably ask yourself why you do what you do. And he emphasizes: “Secrecy is the first bell.”

Flirting or cheating?

How innocent or guilty is micro-cheating? There is a simple way to understand this, according to Schilling. “Think about how you would feel if the other half did what you did to them or how they would feel if he was right next to you when he did.”

Because the two sexes will never agree on what counts as cheating


On the one hand, we have the physical that includes from kisses and caresses to oral sex and the sexual act itself. On the other hand, we have emotional cheating, which concerns flirting, communication and desire.

There is of course a third type of cheating, less popular and well known, the financial one. You can learn more about him here.

Which one is the worst? That is, the one who will hurt your heart or hers the most? Opinions differ. To be precise, they differ depending, not on the character, but on the sex, according to new scientific research.

The research

Researchers at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology asked 92 heterosexual couples to comment on two different hypothetical infidelity scenarios: in the first, one of the two partners goes to a party alone and does a one night stand, while in the second , the couple goes to the party together and one of them gives the impression that he is flirting.

Participants were then asked to rate how they felt depending on the scenario that concerned them.

As it turned out, the two sexes have completely different views on what ultimately counts as cheating. Ok, men and women consider sex a “horn”, but what about emotional cheating? Does it hurt males or females the most?

The conclusion

“Although men and women perceive both emotional and sexual infidelity as threats in their relationships, they have very different assessments of the severity of emotional infidelity,” the researchers wrote in their study. horn “even the desire of their partner to fall into bed with another woman, in contrast to men who define cheating “actions that necessarily require physical contact.

Research has also shown that men are more likely to forgive emotional infidelity than sexual cheating, while women are just the opposite:

They said they were willing to pardon their partner’s overnight sex rather than his platonic relationship with another. a woman, with whom he shared thoughts, experiences, worries, fears and situations – things that until recently he communicated only to her.

According to Dr. Kat, a sexologist and relationship counsellor, this is due to the fact that “the emotional world of women is more developed than that of men, as a result of which women have developed a greater sense of intimacy and know how important it is.

Therefore, they tend to give more value to the emotional exchange than to the physical one for example “.

Past research

Two older scientific studies had moved on the same wavelength. The first was published in the Archives of Sexual Behaviour and was conducted with the participation of more than 60,000 gay, bisexual and heterosexual men and women, who were asked to answer which case they would like best.

For straight participants, men were more likely to be hurt if a woman cheated on them physically (54%) than emotionally (35%). Respectively, the percentages were completely opposite for women, 46% for sex and 65% for emotional attachment.

The second study, published in Evolutionary Psychological Science, found that women were more upset if they discovered a love message from their male colleague on social media, for example, while men were more frustrated by sexual infidelity.

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