Why people cheat while others do not?



Why people cheat while others do not?

Is it a matter of moral values? Respect for ourselves and our partner? Maturity, experiences, genes perhaps? Golden diamond escorts tell us what their opinion is…

After all, how coincidental is the fact that some people are not faithful to their partner, as opposed to those who claim to be monogamous but really mean it? Can we predict that someone is more prone to cheating than someone else?

According to escorts in Greece, this is possible. Those who have the “germ” of cheating, then, are people with worthwhile sexual experience, which is confirmed by both the number of sexual partners and the number of relationships / separations they have experienced.

They are also people who have increased opportunities to believe, because they feel that they can e.g. due to habits or work to meet secretly with the illegal person.

At the same time as characters they are possessed by stress either due to character – for example they have low self-esteem – or due to circumstances.

The last category includes people who are going through a stressful period at work or at home. Age works – supposedly – inversely depending on the ease with which one cheats, that is, the older you get the harder it is to do it.

Finally, genetic and hormonal factors also contribute. It is no coincidence that most fouls occur in the summer, when hormones weigh in on the “reds”.

Who cheats the most?

Are men or women the most unfaithful creatures? No one can answer with certainty, according to scientists, and this is because “since the frustration caused by infidelity is so great, many are reluctant to answer honestly to the relevant research because they feel ashamed.

This taboo is mainly found in women, who are more likely to lie “, explains the head of the research, Professor of Psychology Dimitris Kazakos, adding that the percentage is probably 50/50.

Micro-cheating: Is it possible to cheat on your girlfriend without realizing it?

What is micro-cheating and how can it throw titles in your relationship where you do not expect it.

“Am I unfaithful?” Once you get to the point of asking yourself this particular question. You know something we do not know, better that she does not know. Your girl, your love, your wreath in case you have climbed the steps of the church.

On the other hand, you only have sex with her. No other woman has been found in your bed. But what happens and you sometimes feel remorse and guilt as if you are cheating on her, when in fact you are not doing anything wrong. Or at least, that’s how you want to believe.

What is micro-cheating?

According to Athens call girls, “Micro-cheating is a series of small acts that show that someone is showing emotional or physical interest in someone other than their partner.” She gives some interesting examples to illustrate what she just explained to you:

  • When you take care of yourself because you want to look your best, not for your partner, but to impress someone else.
  • When you save a contact on your mobile with a fake name.
  • When you tell some lies about the stage of your relationship with your partner.

How will you understand that you are doing it

Athens escorts advise you to pay attention to the signs: “Some signs of micro-cheating are the messages you exchange on mobile or social media with other people. This shows that you are flirting, which is Ok.

But if you feel the need to have something to hide from your partner, then you should probably ask yourself why you do what you do. And he emphasizes: “Secrecy is the first bell.”

Flirting or cheating?

How innocent or guilty is micro-cheating? There is a simple way to understand this, according to Schilling. “Think about how you would feel if the other half did what you did to them or how they would feel if he was right next to you when he did.”

Because the two sexes will never agree on what counts as cheating


On the one hand, we have the physical that includes from kisses and caresses to oral sex and the sexual act itself. On the other hand, we have emotional cheating, which concerns flirting, communication and desire.

There is of course a third type of cheating, less popular and well known, the financial one. You can learn more about him here.

Which one is the worst? That is, the one who will hurt your heart or hers the most? Opinions differ. To be precise, they differ depending, not on the character, but on the sex, according to new scientific research.

The research

Researchers at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology asked 92 heterosexual couples to comment on two different hypothetical infidelity scenarios: in the first, one of the two partners goes to a party alone and does a one night stand, while in the second , the couple goes to the party together and one of them gives the impression that he is flirting.

Participants were then asked to rate how they felt depending on the scenario that concerned them.

As it turned out, the two sexes have completely different views on what ultimately counts as cheating. Ok, men and women consider sex a “horn”, but what about emotional cheating? Does it hurt males or females the most?

The conclusion

“Although men and women perceive both emotional and sexual infidelity as threats in their relationships, they have very different assessments of the severity of emotional infidelity,” the researchers wrote in their study. horn “even the desire of their partner to fall into bed with another woman, in contrast to men who define cheating “actions that necessarily require physical contact.

Research has also shown that men are more likely to forgive emotional infidelity than sexual cheating, while women are just the opposite:

They said they were willing to pardon their partner’s overnight sex rather than his platonic relationship with another. a woman, with whom he shared thoughts, experiences, worries, fears and situations – things that until recently he communicated only to her.

According to Dr. Kat, a sexologist and relationship counsellor, this is due to the fact that “the emotional world of women is more developed than that of men, as a result of which women have developed a greater sense of intimacy and know how important it is.

Therefore, they tend to give more value to the emotional exchange than to the physical one for example “.

Past research

Two older scientific studies had moved on the same wavelength. The first was published in the Archives of Sexual Behaviour and was conducted with the participation of more than 60,000 gay, bisexual and heterosexual men and women, who were asked to answer which case they would like best.

For straight participants, men were more likely to be hurt if a woman cheated on them physically (54%) than emotionally (35%). Respectively, the percentages were completely opposite for women, 46% for sex and 65% for emotional attachment.

The second study, published in Evolutionary Psychological Science, found that women were more upset if they discovered a love message from their male colleague on social media, for example, while men were more frustrated by sexual infidelity.

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