Xiaomi Mi10T Pro: one of the most value for money smartphones


For several days we had the Xiaomi Mi10T Pro in our hands – θήκες κινητών -, which we used for several of them as our main device. Τhe company offers very strong proposals at lower prices. One of them is the Mi10T Pro, which comes with very powerful hardware, both in processors and cameras.


The Xiaomi Mi10T Pro impresses from the first moment we open the box. This is a really beautiful phone, made of glass and aluminum. In general, the construction is overflowing with luxury and the sure thing is that the owner will have the feeling that they bought something really good.

The device we had in our hands came in silver which emphasizes the lines of the device very nicely and makes it really very impressive. The back is very shiny, as a result of which it easily collects marks from our fingerprints, but in the package we will find a high quality case, which also offers a change in the design of the device.

In the back we will find the cameras that protrude from the body, without being particularly annoying, while with the case they come to the same level. On the front we have several small bezels, while the 6.67 inch screen covers most of the front, offering a very even result aesthetically.

We will not find iP68 certification in the device, but we have the necessary rubbers on the SIM ports, for a basic insulation from moisture. Besides, we did not have this requirement in the price of the device. Somewhere the company took care to keep, it is the headset that also works as a speaker, offering stereo sound.


Xiaomi made a strange choice for the device, choosing the LCD screen, which is at 144Hz, for those who want something more in the field of gaming. This company option offers tremendous responsiveness to what we do on the device, while the difference is noticeable even if you are coming from a 90Hz screen.

But, Xiaomi did not stay only in the refresh rate, since we also have a very good result in the color fidelity of the screen. In fact, the user has the ability to configure the screen based on their own preferences or even set the color fidelity based on sRGB.

On the plus side, of course, is the support for HDR 10 content, something that is not common on LCD panels. This is because the screen has a high enough brightness to support this model, while also making it very comfortable to look at even in the sun. In conclusion, let’s say that the viewing angles are the best we can have from an IPS LCD Panel, so we will not have the slightest problem, even from extreme angles.


In terms of sound, the device is really impressive. We have a speaker at the bottom while the handset also works as a speaker, but with a slightly lower volume. This gives us the feeling of stereo sound. Specifically, the Xiaomi Mi10T Pro offers good volume, with deep bass and clear highs. The medium ones fill the sound nicely and the overall result is very good for a device of this money, while competing comfortably and more expensive devices.


In the part of the photo the device comes equipped with three cameras on the back. But one is the one that stands out, since it is the same 108MP camera that we find in the more expensive Xiaomi Mi10 Pro. So we will find the huge sensor, with size 1 / 1.33 ″, while in front of it we will find a f1 / 7 aperture lens with OIS.

In terms of performance, the Xiaomi Mi10T Pro from the main sensor can take quite impressive photos in good lighting conditions. The camera application makes use of the pixel binning technique, factoring photos at 27MP, with much lower noise and high levels of detail. The main camera goes extremely well in terms of dynamic range, with the photos produced having a good balance even in cases with very high contrast in lighting. The photos also have very realistic colors, without exaggeration to be more vivid than in reality.

In the basic 108MP camera we will also find the night mode to have better performance in low light. With this function we get low noise shots, well lit and quite realistic. So the Mi10T Pro does particularly well in low light, especially for a device of this price.

The second camera has a wide-angle f / 2.4 aperture lens, while the sensor is at 13MP, which is satisfactory for this type of lens that requires enough resolution to adequately capture all the information of such a large shot.

The third camera is with a macrο lens for focusing very close to our subject, while what makes it stand out is that we have autofocus, while the 5MP sensor is clearly better than what the competition offers us. Due to autofocus you will be able to choose the distance from the subject and not the fixed lens that has most of the competition.

In the part of the video we can shoot in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second, with very good quality and good dynamic range, but we would like a little better stabilization in the video.


In terms of performance, the Xiaomi Mi10T Pro comes with flagship hardware, since inside we will find the Snapdragon 865. This of course was expected, as it needs a strong GPU to be able to support the 144Hz of the screen.

The Snapdragon 865 is now a well-known chip and is characterized by strong performance and very low power consumption, while keeping temperatures at very low levels. Literally the Snapdragon 865 can run any application even if we throw it, with features comfort. Everything runs fast on the device and the 144Hz of the screen makes sure to show you how fast.


In terms of autonomy, we have a 5000mAh battery that on paper seems particularly powerful. In practice we saw the day end with 15-30% battery, while charging is quite fast, fully charging the huge battery in about 80 minutes, through the 27W charger that you will find in the package.


The Xiaomi Mi10T Pro is definitely a pleasant surprise at a time when flagships come with prices over € 1000. The device is literally excellent in everything for this money, while it easily puts them with more expensive devices.

We have a very high quality construction of glass and aluminum, while the screen is very good, although IPS LCD and you will not mind the lack of AMOLED at all. The only sure thing is that it is one of the most value for money smartphones on the market.

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