Tips for a successful 1st date

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Tips for a successful 1st date

The truth is that more articles have been written about dating and about what a man should do and what not to doon a first date. But whether there will be a second date is not only in your hand. You have to impress him pleasantly so that he suggests you go out again.

Did I stress you out now? You do not need any stress. Read the following tips and you will be more than ready for your big night.

Place of date

It would be good for the first date to go somewhere with relaxed music in order to get to know each other. Also, try to avoid places where you know your colleagues, relatives, or even worse, your boss frequent. Choose a crowded place so you both feel comfortable and avoid dark alleys because you will probably scare each other off.

Of course telling him to go for coffee is a bit more teenage way. Besides, he can go for coffee with his friends and associates. Suggest him to go for a wine or even better to a restaurant, for example the new one that has opened and you have not yet had time to visit. So you will have one more topic to comment on.

Food and drinks

When we say just a glass of wine we mean one, especially if you can not stand it. Maybe two at most, I do not negotiate for more than these. No man likes his partner to be drunk. Especially if they are out for the first time. If you are a fan of foreign cuisines, it does not mean that your date will be too. So do not insist if you see them hesitant if you suggest going for Chinese. They may not want to try or he may just not like it.

The cinema trap

Most women say that cinema is an idea for the first date. Maybe because we have been influenced by romantic movies. But cinema is a big trap. First of all, because there is no movie that both men and women like. After all, men are not particularly crazy about romance, no matter how good reviews you may have heard.

Furthermore, in the cinema you will not be able to talk and get to know each other! So avoid the cinema idea for a first date and maybe move it towards the fourth or fifth date when  you will know each other better-ish.

Never say you are tired

You might really  be running errands all day to catch them all. You may have just finished work and wanted to sit at home to really relax for a long time. But you do not have to talk about it over and over again how tired you are. In the end he can take it personally, that he also tired you. It is better to cancel or reschedule if you are feeling that tired!

We hope that our tips about your 1st date being successful helped you get a general idea of the dos and dont’s of the first date. Make sure to be prepared and always get their information before you go out!